About Lanseria Corporate Estate

Lanseria Corporate Estate covers 83 hectares and a total of 150 industrial stands, in size from approximately 4000m2, are available.

Lanseria Corporate Estate is founded on a new “Industrial Park Vision” which has as its core purpose the provision and delivery of many sought after fundamental benefits to all who occupy the estate or are associated with it – including investors, financiers, developers, business owners, employees as well as customers and visitors.

This vision provides for the estate’s uniqueness and the achievement of a quality of environment unparalleled in South Africa.

Whether as a developer, investor, financier, business owner, employee or customer, one can be assured that Lanseria Corporate Estate caters to fundamental needs and goes further by offering many benefits not currently available elsewhere.

An industrial estate that offers attributes such as safety and security, traffic accessibility, environmental sensitivity, an attractive landscape, proximity to labour pools and an excellent work environment will make Lanseria Corporate Estate a highly sought after industrial park.

These attributes will result in sound rental returns, solid and appreciating values, productive and motivated employees, satisfied entrepreneurs and a positive on-going experience for all, including customers and visitors.

Owners are required to conform to the Lanseria Corporate Estate architectural and operational guidelines and standards – designed to uphold the “Industrial Park Vision”. This will provide positive benefits sought by all associated with the estate.

Lanseria Corporate Estate will develop to become both fully functional and practical as well as a clean, tidy, organised, presentable estate where any proud entrepreneur can settle and prosper. This will cause it to rank as a most sought after industrial address.

Lanseria Fly Through

Lanseria Corporate Estates FlythroughWatch the Lanseria Corporate Estate fly through.

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Environment & Security

Lanseria Corporate Estate EnvironmentLanseria Corporate Estate has been planned as an environmentally friendly and eco-sensitive development.


Developer & Town Planning

Lanseria Corporate Estates Development and Town PlanningThe land comprising Lanseria Corporate Estate was assembled in the 1990’s with the vision of developing an industrial park as the city developed in the direction of Lanseria.



Lanseria Corporate Estates LocationLanseria Corporate Estate covers 90 hectares and a total of 169 industrial stands ranging in size from 3500m2 to 7300m2 are available for purchase.